Bread Mix - Wholemeal 1kg - Manildra


1kg Manildra Wholemeal Bread Mix

A bold and tasty bread mix loaded with the benefits of 100% wholemeal flour specially milled to contain all the constituents of the wheat grain and have best bread making properties. 

Wholemeal Bread mix will reliably produce a crusty, full flavoured loaf of excellent volume and appearance. It is produced from a true 100% wheaten Wholemeal flour, containing a high proportion of large bran flakes.

Wholemeal flour is rich in the B group vitamins, Vitamin E, Minerals, Trace Elements, Complex Carbohydrates and essential Dietary Fibre. Wholemeal flour, with all the goodness of the grain, promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon, and is rich in Dietary Fibre.

* Please note:  purchasing multiple quantities of flour/bread mix may not be covered under our flat rate shipping rates for orders outside Canberra region.

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