Cake Storage Tin - India (Blue Cranes) 20cm (Small) Round - by Sara Miller London


This beautiful tin by designer Sara Miller London from her India collection.

The round tin is ideal for cookies, cakes, fudge and other food storage, and makes  beautiful and useful packaging for other gifts and hampers.

The enamel metal tins are fabulous for storage as they are insect/vermin/rodent proof and feature a tight fitting lid.

Collect the Series:-
Uplift your kitchen space with these exotic Cake Tins from Sara Miller London.  Showcasing three stunning designs from our India collection – including a beautifully adorned elephant parading through a botanical garden oasis, bluebirds resting amongst golden branches framed by scalloped archways, and cranes nestled in the sanctuary of elegant palms and feathery tree ferns. Each of our storage tins in this stunning gift set includes beautiful gold detailing for an extra touch of luxury and is ideal for keeping your home bakes fresh.

Small Tin - 19.5cm diameter x 9.5cm high - Blue Cranes in Palms & Ferns

Care Instructions:  Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry immediately

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