Floristry - Preserved Dried Bunny Tails - Champagne


Preserved (dried) florals are trending big on Instagram cakes at the moment. 

Bunny Tails are food contact safe.  Also known as Rabbit Tail Flower Grass, bunny tails are a beautiful ornamental grass that are irresistible to touch! Their fluffy and appealing seed heads are reminiscent of a soft bunny's tail, hence their name! 

Approx 60 tails per pack.

We recommend sealing the stems or using a flower pick or florist oasis for arranging your flowers, as floral paint and dye are used to enhance colours.  

Our preserved florals are a natural product and therefore size, shape and colours will vary organically amoungst each bunch.  To preserve colours, keep out of direct sunlight and away from humidity. If cared for correctly, these flowers can last you a lifetime.  Why not buy an extra bunch for a pretty decor item in your home or to give as a gift.

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