Edible Paint - Lunar Yellow Rolkem Lumo Paint 15ml (fluorescent)


Amaze your friends and family with this luminous edible colour that fluoresces under UV light!  Under normal lighting, it provides a bright hi-viz neon tone, but really comes into spectacular effect under black light (ultraviolet light).

The ROLKEM Semi-Concentrated Lumos glow under UV light and are perfect for mixing with butter cream, fondant and icing.  The unique gel formulation can also be painted directly onto any sugar creation or cake (no need to mix with any other product).  Spice up your sugar craft articles with the “wow” factor by shining a UV/Black light on the applied area! You wont find any brighter colours than ROLKEM Semi-Concentrated Lumos.

This unqiue glowing feature is a result of riboflavin (Vitamin B2) being added to colour pigments to create the luminous effect. The additional of ultraviolet light makes the product floresce for that extra Wow factor.  

Please note this product is not water soluble.

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