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Edible Images

Custom Edible Image Printing

Turn any photo, logo or picture into an edible decoration!

Images on Icing Sheets

We can print your images on to edible sugar paper with edible inks ready to place on your cakes, cupcakes or cookies. They are suitable for use on fondant, buttercream, whipped cream, icecream and royal icing, and are available in a range of sizes. If your image needs to be a specific size, it can be easily trimmed with scissors.

Images on Transparent Isomalt Sheets

Isomalt Sheets are specially formulated to withstand the hot temperatures of candy and isomalt (300°C).  Simply pour on your isomalt/candy, let set and then peel off the backing sheet to reveal your see-through image!  Great for windows, isomalt sails and spectacular sugar art sculptures.  Check out our glass slipper in our window display at the shop - it features as pretty butterfly print through the high heel shoe.  Printed onto an A4 sheet, these easily cut with scissors to create ideal inserts into silicone moulds etc.  (please note that text will need to be provided in reverse/mirror image, as the isomalt sheets are a peel away, not an add on top image like icing sheets are)

Chocolate Transfers

Our custom printed chocolate transfer sheets are a layer of cocoa butter sitting on top an acetate sheet.  Use these to create custom text and images onto white, dark or milk chocolate as well as candy melts.  Great for chocolate sails, petit fours, chocolate pops, chocolate garnishes, wedding bonbonniere,  etc.  Images and text need to be provided in mirror image, as the image is peeled away from the creation, not added on top like icing sheets are).  Printed onto an A4 sheet, these easily cut with scissors to suit your project and/or chocolate mould shape.  (please note when considering your image or text that we do not have white food dyes in our printing system).

How to Order

To order a custom edible image(s), email your image and details to't forget to let us know whether you would like A4, A3, Round or Cupcake size plus whether you would like a wording/birthday message included.  If your image needs to be a specific size, please include the dimensions you would like it to be.

Suitable formats for your image are .jpg .tif .gif and .png files.  We are now able to work with Word and PowerPoint documents and PDF files too, so get creative and let's make it edible!!   You'll get greater results if you can choose an image that is at least 150kb in size - the higher quality the resolution, the higher quality your finished edible image will be.

Images will be available for collection from Latorta - Majura Park within 2 business days. We will contact you by return email when your image is ready for collection.  Postage is also available for additional cost - $2.50 to $9.95 depending on size and weight of your order.

Prices are:

Edible Icing Sheets

  • 12 Cupcake Toppers (same image repeated 12 times) $16.95
  • 7.5 inch (19cm) Round Image is $16.95
  • A4 size is $18.95
  • A3 size is $29.95  (great size for Costco slab cakes and wrapping around large tiers)


Isomalt Transfer Sheets

  • A4 size is $18.95



Chocolate Transfer Sheets

  • A4 size is $18.95


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