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Got any blacker?  We sure do!

This magnificent rich Black Cocoa powder is extremely mellow, non-bitter, and very very black. Using Equagold’s Black Dutch Cocoa will turn your baked goods a beautiful deep, naturally dark black colour.

Black Cocoa is a pure cocoa powder that is heavily ‘Dutched’ or 'Alkalized' which brings the cocoa powder to an alkaline level of 8. If you’ve been to a café, restaurant, ice cream parlor or any eating establishment and they have served a decadent treat that has a natural colour as deep and dark as an Oreo cookie, then this is how they got it, using Black Cocoa powder.  It's flavour is reminiscent of dark chocolate of the 80% cocoa kind.

As a comparison to our other Cocoa Powders:

  • Equagold Premium Dutch Cocoa has 21-22% Cocoa butter content
  • Black Cocoa Powder has 11% Cocoa butter content.

Tips for using Equagold Black Cocoa:

  • For an excellent outcome when baking, we recommend using 2/3 Equagold Premium Dutch Cocoa and 1/3 Black Cocoa in a recipe. This will retain the moistness integrity of the cake and a smooth chocolately flavour yet give you that black as midnight look you are after.
  • Stir 2tbs into a batch of buttercream to colour it super hero black, as a great alternative to gel or liquid food dyes.  Add regular cocoa or flavours to enhance your buttercream flavour overall.
  • Use with recipes leavened with baking powder (as it does not react with bicarb soda to produce carbon dioxide).
  • Use 2tbs of black cocoa with your standard vanilla cake mix, to give a rich black colour with an Oreo flavour.
  • 100% cocoa with no food colourings added - great for people with food colour allergies and does not result in green teeth!  
  • Try Equagold’s renowned Black Chocolate cake recipe.

Ingredients: 100% Black Cocoa

Gluten Free – Dairy Free – Egg Free - Vegan -  Nut Free - 100% Pure fine food ingredients – No additives – No bulking agents – No free flow agents – No preservatives - No Gums or Thickeners  – No added sugar  - Halal certified – Kosher certified

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