Cake At Home Birthday Kit

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CAKE AT HOME - Birthday Cake Celebration Kit

This cake baking and decorating kit is a great way to help celebrate a birthday in isolation and still make it a fun, memorable and glamourous day. This great value CAKE AT HOME Celebration Kit includes everything that you will need to make your isolation birthday celebration an easy and tasty experience. 

Why not join together with the little people in your kitchen to bake and decorate the Birthday Cake with this fabulous kit.  Help your child learn literacy, maths, science and art all in one fun and delicious lesson.  No expert decorating or baking skills required to produce a birthday feature for your family celebration - or just enjoy delicious fun because you have the time.

Kit includes:

500g Chocolate Mud Cake Mix
100g Choco Drops Almost Black
425g Sprinks White Buttercream
75g Sprinks Milky Way Sprinkles (or other similar sprinkle mix)
Closed Star Icing Tip
10 x 12" Disposable Icing bags
12 Gold Glitter Dipped Cake Candles 
Gold Plated Happy Birthday Cake Topper
10” Gold Mirror Masonite Cake Board
10" Tall Cake Box

Exceptional value - save $30 on purchasing the individual elements in this kit.

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