Cake Storage Tin - Sweet Words 19cm (Small) Round


Small Round Cake/Cookie/Biscuit Tin - Sweet Words 19cm

These beautiful enamel storage tins from the 'Black Toast' range from designer Emma Bridgewater feature a chic black and cream graphic text - Cakes & Biscuits, Flapjacks etc.

The small size round tin is ideal for cookies, cakes, fudge and other food storage, and makes beautiful and useful packaging for other gifts and hampers.

The metal tins are fabulous for storage as they are insect/vermin/rodent proof and feature a tight fitting lid.

Small - Diameter 19.5cm x 9.5cm high

Also available in medium and large 

Wipe with a damp cloth & dry thoroughly, not dishwasher/ microwave or oven proof.

This chic and sharply graphic collection in two-tone black and cream is great for a country kitchen.  The cake tins are invaluable for bakers and cake fans alike to hold individual cakes or layers of brownies or biscuits and will stack up neatly in your pantry.

Emma says “These are some of the most desirable things we've done for years. The cream on black shows off Matthews rather elaborate calligraphy and the whole range has a special glamour. Our kitchen is already fitted out ...."

Matthew says “I am never bored with lettering, particularly with the endlessly imaginative way that masons carving monuments in the eighteenth century tumble and cram letters together when they run out of space. There is a funny irony in using those tricks on a passport holder or a pencil box. My favorite letter is the ampersand, that curly whirly combination of E and T that stands for AND in typography. It allows most opportunities for experiments and can fill almost any space, a good reason to use it wherever possible”

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