Cookie Embosser - Cookies for Santa


The 3D printed stamp is perfect for Christmas themed parties or gifts! The stamp is on a backing plate that is a 6cm square.  It features the words "Cookies for Santa" and a cookie.   The design is approximately 4.7cm wide x 4.7cm high with a detailed imprint depth of 0.4cm.

We designed our embossed stamp to work well with the following cookie cutters:
* Plaques (Oval, Square, Rectangle & Long)
* Round 6cm or larger
* Hexagon Medium or larger
* Star Large
* Square 6.5cm & 8.5cm
and many many more. (Cutters sold separately).


Use Instructions
Make sure your fondant embosser is clean and dry.
Roll out fondant to approximately 3mm thick (thicker if you prefer).
Dust fondant lightly with corn flour or icing sugar, press stamp into the fondant.
Lift the embosser to reveal the design.
Stamps can be used with fondant, sugar paste, gum paste, modelling paste, play dough, clay, and more.


  • You may or may not need to lightly dust with corn flour or icing sugar depending on the brand of fondant you use.

Designed, printed and packaged in Australia.

Printed with 100% food-safe PLA plastic, making it the ideal baking stamp. Its biodegradable components are derived from renewable sources, including corn starch, sugar cane, tapioca roots, or even potato starch.

Cleaning & Care Instructions
Gently hand wash with warm water and a soft brush.
Allow air to dry or dry with a soft cloth.
Store stamps in an airtight bag or container, out of direct light.
Please note that stamps are made from light plastic. Not suitable for dishwashers. Avoid exposure to heat to prevent warping.

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