Floral Essentials Cake Sketching Stamps By Avalon Cakes


Introducing a new way to quickly add gorgeous, highly detailed flowers to your cake sketches! The super fine detail in these stamps portray a hand-drawn effect, bring your sketches to the next level by creating gorgeous, professional & quality sketches. Your sketch is your first impression and your pitch, so make it a good one!

  • 1 sheet of individual flowers & foliage, for individual use or making your own bouquets (29 stamps)
  • 1 sheet of grouped flowers & foliage (7 stamps) 

Flowers include:

  • Peonies in different sizes including bud 
  • Dahlias (both large and small pom pom)
  • Magnolias
  • Roses
  • Hydrangea Bunches
  • Anemones (can also double as many other flowers)
  • Multiple Leaves
  • Small Blossoms
  • and more!

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