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1kg Bakers Meal (Wholemeal Flour) - Manildra Gem of the West

100% wholemeal flour specially milled to contain all the constituents of the wheat grain and have best bread making properties.  Derived by grinding or mashing the whole grain of wheat.  Its protein content is typically 13.5%.

Bakers Meal flour includes the bran, endosperm and germ of the wheat grain which gives it a slightly darker colour and makes it more nutritious than white flour.   The presence of the germ also decreases shelf life - generally 9 months since production unlike other flours which are best consumed within 12 months of milling. 

Manildra - 100% Australian made and owned.

Ingredients:  Whole grain wheat Flour

* Please note:  purchasing multiple quantities of flour/bread/cake mix may not be covered under our flat rate shipping rates for orders outside Canberra region.

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