Pure Vanilla Extract 50ml Double Strength Pacific Bourbon - Equagold


Manufactured by Equagold using Madagascan (Bourbon) vanilla bean pods, this authentic Vanilla Extract is a complex mix of more than 400 separate flavours which are extracted for more than 5 months. 

Our 100% Pure Vanilla Extract is made by the cold press, preserving the full bouquet & natural integrity of the Vanilla flavour through the use of New Zealand spring water, ethyl alcohol, vanilla pods and steeped for over 5 months. 

This double-fold extract (industrial strength) is twice as strong as the single-fold (domestic strength) and ideal for the professionals in baking and hospitality industries.

Tips for using Equagold Vanilla Extract:

  • Use 1/2 the amount as recipe requires for baking, desserts, puddings and sweet treats
  • Add towards the end of the cooking process, to get the most benefit of its full flavour
  • Delightful addition to beverages, icecreams, macarons & more
  • Add to homemade jams and jellies

Packaged in New Zealand. Made from imported Vanilla Beans  Contains: extracts of Vanilla Pods, Pure  Water & alcohol (35%) – Kosher and GM Free. 100% Pure fine food ingredients – No additives – No bulking agents – No preservatives – Gluten Free

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