Pure Vanilla Pods 2pc - Tahitian Vanilla Gourmet Pods 16cm 2 Piece


Equagold 100% Pure Tahitian Vanilla pods (also referred to as vanilla beans) are renowned for their fruity fragrance, prune and cherry flavours. These handpicked Tahitian vanilla pods are carefully selected and only the best are offered to our customers - they are plump, luscious and oily.

Pods are approximately 16 to 17cm long and will stay moist and supple for 9 to 12 months if resealed after use and placed in a cool, dark cupboard.

TIPS: Dried pods can be used by placing them in with fruit for poaching, or directly into cream/milk for heating, as in a Brulee or Pannacotta. One they have become plump just lift them out onto the edge of the pot and split them to allow scraping the seed into the dessert.

Remember because much of the flavour of a vanilla pod is in the skin you can always remove them and dry them for use in other dishes or in sugar. 

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