Rice Paper - 12 sheet pack


Primus rice paper.

Most commonly used for making nougat, rice paper is also perfect for creating decorations such as wafer paper flowers, wafer feathers and more.  You can draw on it, cut it, colour it, print on it and place them onto your cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Rice paper can also be used as an edible lining for baking trays to prevent biscuits, meringue and nougat from sticking. It is tasteless and will not alter or impair the taste of your food.

Ingredients: starch, water, vegetable oil

12 sheets per pack

It is 100% natural, vegetarian, bio-degradable and a great ingredient for many recipes around the world.  Heat and freeze resistant.   Guaranteed free from sugar, gluten and allergens.   Shelf life of two years

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