Taro Essence 20ml - Carolines Sugar Art


Our Taro Essence by Carolines Sugar Art is made from natural taro extract and is free from sugar and alcohol. 

Taro is a root vegetable, also known as Gabi in the Philippines and Kalo in Hawaii. Taro varies in colour, commonly white but also can be slightly grey or lavender.  It is similar to the Purple Yam (Ube) and very popular in African, South Asian and Pacific Islander (Oceanic) beverages, breads and desserts. 

Add the taro (purple sweet potato) flavour to your smoothies, milk teas, cakes, candies, cookies, icings, breads, bun doughs, icecream and more.  The oil based essence can also be used to flavour chocolate and candy melts.  

Comes in a 20ml glass bottle with a built in dropper for ease of use.  

Made using flavouring developed in a food labratory, as such these essences do not contain nut, gluten, dairy or fructose. Vegan friendly.  Unlike other essences, our Taro Essence uses Triacetin Glycerin as the carrier rather than alcohol or sugar.

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