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Chocolate ganache recipe (firm setting)

For dark chocolate ganache (2:1):

1200g dark couverture chocolate (can be substituted for cooking chocolate)
600ml pure cream

For white or milk chocolate ganache (3:1):

1200g white or milk couverture chocolate (can be substituted for cooking chocolate)
400ml pure cream


Place chopped up chocolate in a glass mixing bowl. Bring cream to the boil, be careful to watch it as once it comes to the boil it rises up (and over) the saucepan at a rapid rate! Pour the cream over the chocolate. Wait a few minutes, then whisk until smooth. If there are still lumps, place in the microwave for 20 seconds and whisk until lumps are gone. The whisking stage can be also be done very effectively in a food processor.

Once prepared, move to an airtight container or cover the bowl with cling wrap. Leave to firm to a smooth peanut butter/nutella consistency. If your ganache becomes too firm to work with, microwave in ten second bursts until at a workable consistency.