Dried Rose Petals 25G - Pariya
Raspberry Whole 35g - Fresh AsRaspberry Whole 35g - Fresh As
Raspberry Powder 35g - Fresh As
Passionfruit Powder 40g - Fresh As
Strawberry Powder 30g - Fresh As
Icing Mix - Raspberry 200g
Feijoa Slices 30g - Fresh AsFeijoa Slices 30g - Fresh As
Dried Rose Buds 50g - Pariya
Icing Mix - Strawberry 200g
50g Beetroot Powder - Freeze Dried  Harvested in the North of New Zealand, fresh beetroot is freeze dried then finely milled into a powder, maintaining its vibrant colour, superior flavour and rich nutrients.  Available at Latorta - Canberra AustraliaBeetroot Powder 50g - Fresh As
Strawberry Slice 22g - Fresh AsStrawberry Slice 22g - Fresh As
Mango Powder 40g - Fresh As
Lemon Juice Powder 40g - Fresh AsLemon Juice Powder 40g - Fresh As
Cherry Whole 35g - Fresh As
Save 28%
Plum Powder 40g - Fresh As
Fresh As Plum Powder 40g - Fresh As
$10.50 $14.50
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Blackcurrant Powder 40g - Fresh As
Icing Mix - Mango & Passionfruit 200g
Blueberry Powder 40g - Fresh As
Floristry - Preserved Dried Sea Lavender - Hazel BrownFloristry - Preserved Dried Sea Lavender - Hazel Brown
Floristry - Preserved Dried Ming Fern - BlueFloristry - Preserved Dried Ming Fern - Blue
Floristry - Preserved Dried Ming Fern - PinkFloristry - Preserved Dried Ming Fern - Pink
Icing Mix - Blueberry 200g
Mango Slices (Organic) 40g - Fresh AsMango Slices (Organic) 40g - Fresh As
Apple Slices (Organic) 30g - Fresh AsApple Slices (Organic) 30g - Fresh As
Golden Peach Slices 26g - Fresh As
Nectarine Slices 26g - Fresh As
BULK 200g Lychee Whole - Fresh As
BULK 100g Strawberry Slices - Fresh As
BULK 1kg Raspberry Whole - Fresh As
BULK 200g Blueberry Slices - Fresh As

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