Sprinkle Mix - Christmas Bento Box 300g
Sprinkle Mix - Easter Egg Treasure 60g
Sprinkle Mix - Gold Rush 75g
Sprinkle Mix - Mostly Mauve 75g
Sprinkles - Blue Jimmies 85g
Sprinkles - Snowflakes White Extra Large 60g
Sprinkle Mix - Cosmic Love 75g
Sprinkle Mix - Ooh Baby 85g
Crispearls Assorted 75g - Callebaut
Sprinkles - Silver Hearts (85g)
Sprinkle Mix - Blue Ocean 75g
Sprinkle Mix - Pretty In Pink 75g
Sprinkle Mix - Rainbow Riot 75g
Sprinkles - Gold Stars 70g
Sprinks Sprinkles - Gold Stars 70g
Only 1 unit left
Sprinkles - Rainbow Jimmies 85g
Green Sprinkles 82g - Over The Top
Silver Pearl Sugar 110g - Over The Top
Bright Confetti 65g - Over The Top
Pastel Confetti 68g - Over The Top
Cake Decorating Tweezers (for Cachous) - AtecoCake Decorating Tweezers (for Cachous) - Ateco
Sprinkle Mix - Santa's Coming 75gSprinkle Mix - Santa's Coming 75g
Sprinkle Mix - Holly Jolly Christmas 60gSprinkle Mix - Holly Jolly Christmas 60g
Sprinkles - Silver Rice (85g)
Sprinkles - Silver Oblate (85g)
Sprinkles - Silver 8mm Cachous
Sprinkle Mix - Halloween Bento Box 300g
Sprinkles - Mixed Numbers (55g)Sprinkles - Mixed Numbers (55g)
Sprinkles - Gold Rock Sugar (75g)Sprinkles - Gold Rock Sugar (75g)
Sprinkles - Bones (75g)Sprinkles - Bones (75g)
Sprinkles - Pearl Pink Sugar Pearls 8mm
Sprinkle Mix - Prom Queen 75g
Sprinkle Mix - Purple Rain 85g
Save 11%
Crispearls White Chocolate 800g - CallebautCrispearls White Chocolate 800g - Callebaut
Gold Sugar - A Touch Of Paris 240g
Sprinkles - Silver Squares (85g)
Sprinkles - Vintage Gold Rods 75g
Sprinkles - Silver Rods 75g
Sprinkle Mix - Pastel Easter Bunnies 70g
Sprinkle Mix - Galaxy 60g
Sprinkles - Large Candy Eyes 60g
Sprinkles - White Rock Sugar 75g
Sprinkles - White Glitter Flakes 30g
Sprinkles - Pink Metallic Jimmies 85g

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