Eclairon - Asstd Flavours 13g - La Rose Noire (Macaron)


Is it an Éclair? .... Is it a Macaron? ... No, it’s an Éclairon!

In typical fashion French bakehouse, La Rose Noire, has innovated once again. They have crossed a Macaron with an Éclair! Hand-crafted and made with the finest ingredients, the Eclairons feature a hand-painted Macaron style shell filled with Mousse & Fruit Paste.

This option is for an individual eclairon randomly selected from one our exciting flavor profiles:

• Dark Chocolate & Vanilla • Raspberry & Chocolate • Toffee & Banana • Pistachio & Morello Cherry • Vanilla & Raspberry • Speculoos (spiced biscuit) & Caramel • Black Current & Coconut • Mango & Chocolate

This gourmet Eclairon is ready to go and ideal as a cake decoration or simply served at a party for dessert or as a petite four.

Keep frozen for the long term and defrost only as many as required - defrosting takes about 10-15 mins.

Each eclairon weighs approx 13g and meausures 5cm x 2.5cm

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