Ganache Lid - Heart Shaped (Frosted) - 10.5 inch (suits 10" Fat Daddio & Mondo Heart Pans)


Are you loving the Lambeth / Retro Heart Cake trend?  Do you have a Wedding, Engagement, Valentines or other special cake to create and want it to look perfect?

Then elevate the finish of your Heart Shaped Cakes using Ganache Lids. Achieve smooth sides and sharp edges with ease, whether you prefer ganache or buttercream. These expertly crafted guides are perfect for efficient and professional cake icing.

Designed for Latorta by Sandra Dillon Design, our Heart Shaped ganache guides are custom designed to specifically suit the Fat Daddio and Mondo Cake Tin ranges without having to trim your cakes.   The unique heart shape aligns well and the extra 1/2 inch allows for a pleasant coating of ganache or buttercream without having to trim your cakes first (saving time and clean up!). 

The pointed base and sharp inner curve offer a handy stop and start point allowing you to smooth ganache or buttercream in two movements, rather than trying to negotiate the tricky shape in one sweep.

The acrylic lids are frosted on one side and shiny on the other allowing you to cover with Cling Wrap/Glad Wrap (frosted side) or Glad Go-Between (Freezer Wrap) (shiny side) for easy release of the lids after your ganache or buttercream sets.

Available in 6.5 inch (to suit 6" Cake Tins), 8.5 inch (to suit 8 inch Cake Tins) and 10.5 inch (to suit 10 inch cake tins). 

Need a different size? ... we can arrange to have a custom size created for you. 

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