Silicone Mould - Bee Hives & Honeycomb Drips


We are in love with the bee theme - it transends all ages and celebrations. 

Embellish your cupcakes, cookies and cakes with these cute bees, honeycomb and beehive motifs.  This sweet mould features 7 different bumblebees, beehive, 2 honeycomb designs and 2 honey drips.

Measurements - refer 2nd image for the individual sizes of each cavity.

Quality Food grade silicone.

Lightly dust the silicone mould with cornflour and smoosh in a small quantity of fondant, gumpaste or modelling chocolate.  Release and use.  Also works with melted chocolate and isomalt. 

Ideal also for craft materials such as clay dough, silver, soap, wax etc.  

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