Edible Food Pens - 10 Colour Pack - OTT


Everyone loves colouring in - so ramp up the fun factor and make it edible!

Over The Top Edible Food Pens can be used to write on fondant, royal icing, cookie dough and more. 

Key Features:

  • Set of 10 professional cake decorating pens with quick drying edible ink
  • Colours include: Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Green, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Purple and Yellow.
  • Let you easily create beautiful edible designs to all kinds of treats
  • Comes with thick and thin tips at alternate ends for perfecting intricate details
  • Works great for adding fun elements and characters to your cakes, decorations, cookies or cake pops
  • Easy for kids to apply and adds a dazzling twist to everyday foods

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