Latorta offers both online e-vouchers in various denominations from $25 to $500 as well as in-store gift cards for any amount you desire.

You can shop with freedom, spending your credit on anything you like, including classes and sale items.

Please note that our Online Gift Cards can only be redeemed on our Website store only whereas, our In store Gift Cards and E-Vouchers are to be used In Store only for classes and products.

Please be aware when purchasing Gift Cards, how the recipient will be spending (online or in store) and purchase accordingly.

Both Online and In Store Gift Cards do not need to be spent all at once, but can be redeemed over many transactions.

Gift Cards issued since 1/11/19 are valid for 3 years.  Gift cards issued prior to 1/11/19 are valid for 1 year only.

You will find a range of Online Gift Certificates under our 'Gifts' category of products on or online shop.

The in-store Gift Cards and in-store E-Vouchers can be purchased in store at Latorta.  Visit in person or purchase over the phone (02) 6257 1248 or via email (  The value of your choice is loaded onto the Gift Voucher or E-Voucher and your gift recipient may redeem it in one go, or bit by bit. 

Terms & Conditions:

Check the expiry date of your gift card or voucher carefully.  Under Australian Consumer Law, businesses are not required to honour Gift Vouchers after the expiry date.

All Latorta Gift Vouchers have an expiry date which cannot be overridden by our point of sale system (POS).  Our staff cannot use their discretion to honour an expired gift voucher even if they wanted to, as our POS system simply does not have that feature. 

Should you wish to extend the expiry date of your gift voucher, you can purchase a new gift voucher with your current gift voucher.  This must be done prior to the original voucher expiry date.

Please note our Webstore, in-store POS and Classes Booking system all use different software, and the issued voucher can only be used on the system it was purchased on.  This means that our Online Gift Cards can only be redeemed on our Website store only whereas, our In store Gift Cards and E-Vouchers are to be used In Store only for classes and products.  Please contact the store directly to purchase book a cake decorating class with your gift voucher.  Gift vouchers can also be redeemed over the phone or by email.

Phone:  (02) 6247 1248