Modelling Paste - Lilac 250g - Saracino


Saracino Modelling Paste - Lilac / Violet - 250g 

Winner of the 2017 Cake Masters Best Product of the Year Award, Saracino Pasta Model (translates to modelling paste in English) is regarded as the best modelling paste in the world.

Favoured by leading European and UK figurine artists, Saracino boasts a huge list of talented ambassadors.

  • The paste dries firm and holds its shape without cracking.
  • Ideal for modelling figurines and edible cake toppers.
  • It does not dry out whilst working on it.  The high concentration of cocoa butter, not only makes the paste smell and taste great, but also helps sustain its moisture levels. allowing you to correct imperfections or make changes to your piece even hours after first applied.
  • As Saracino Modelling paste sets so quickly, you will find it saves time when modelling detailed 3D figures and cake toppers which you could potentially have completed in less than a day!
  • It can be rolled out incredibly thin, allowing you to create the tiniest of details without comprising strength.
  • A beautiful range of pastel and deep colours.
  • Delicious taste reminiscent of vanilla & chocolate.
  • It can be easily dyed with food colours, gel pastes, powders and oil colours.
  • Gluten Free.  Suitable for vegans.

Manufactured in Italy.

Please note:  Saracino is a very firm and compact modelling paste when opened. Prepare the paste for modelling by manipulating/kneading it for a few minutes to obtain a soft consistency.  To accelerate the softening process, the paste can be warmed for a few seconds in a microwave to help knead into a soft pliable paste.  

Simply shape and let it rest until the decoration is hard then place on your cake.

Ingredients:  Sugar 42%, potato starch, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, maize starch, thickener: carboxymethylcellulose E466; flavor, preservative: potassium sorbate E202; Colour: azorubine E122, brilliant blue FCF E133

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