Paint Brushes - 6pk Watercolour Paint Brush Set - Caking It Up


These watercolour brushes are a perfect addition to your cake tool kit!

Each pack comes with 6 different sized brushes that can be used for various types of painting. Each brush has a screw top tip that can be removed when filling the tube with your liquid. They have an ergonomic grip and push button, which when squeezed, dispenses the liquid inside.

These brushes can be used for painting and especially great for achieving a watercolour effect. Simply fill the tube with cake decorating alcohol and you are ready to go. The alcohol coming through the bristles will help to dilute down your paint and make it quick drying. You can also fill these up with water and team up with our water activated paint pallets from Sweet Sticks available here at Latorta.

It is suggested that an eye dropper is used to fill the tube when filling with alcohol.

Another convenient use for these brushes is to simply use as a wet 'glue' brush to help apply and adhere smaller elements to your cake.

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