Acetate Sheet - 60cm x 40cm ( Chocolate sheet / Clear Cake Collar / Wrap)


Acetate sheets are a clear rigid sheet that will give chocolate a gloss as it contracts away from the acetate surface. Acetate is non-porous which is why the chocolate achieves a high gloss from the acetate. The structure of acetate is firmer than guitar sheets and easy to roll and curve without the need of supports.

Our acetate sheets can also be used to provide a structure for assembling cakes.

  • Perfect for stacking cakes with custards, creams or jelly fillings
  • Build curved and custom designed desserts and savouries
  • Sheets can be cut into strips or smaller sizes
  • Flexible - bend and mould
  • Excellent for all chocolate work, e.g. bows and bands
  • Acetate peels away from all surfaces smoothly
  • When using with chocolate it leaves a natural sheen (gloss)
  • Use as the film between your ganache lid and cake when creating large slab cakes
  • A completely Food Safe product (reusable if required)
  • 90 micron

Acetate is widely used in pastry as non-stick tool for stainless bands, cake pans and trays for semifreddos. It prevents the ingredients from sticking to the mould and facilitates demoulding.  For best results, place the acetate sheet on the inside of the mould or pan. Then pour the mixture and proceed with preparation. The sheet helps to demould the dessert without ruining the edges.

Acetate has lots of uses in cake decorating and chocolate work.  Cut a height and length to suit and use to line a cake tin or mould for mousse cakes, tortes and entremets.  Rest against cut slices of cake to allow your customers to see the delicious cake filling through our clear cake wrap.  Smooth out melted chocolate and wrap around your cake as a chocolate collar, or use the chocolate to mould, roll or cut to create chocolate garnishes. 

The A3 size sheet is suitable for tall cakes and chablon mats - simply cut your height to suit.  Can be sticky taped together to create longer sheets.   

SIZE: 60cm x 40cm (similar to A3 size)

THICKNESS:  90 micron

Manufactured in Italy by Martellato

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