The Spectrum Flow Airbrush Cleaning Station takes away the messiness of cleaning the residual paints out of your airbrush gun, reducing unwanted overspray when cleaning the airbrush. 

The Cleaning Bottle is used by simply emptying left over colour into this enclosed jar and pouring alcohol (decorator's spirit) through.  Insert your airbrush gun into the adjustable neck, pour decorator's rose spirit into the cup which is then blown through the airbrush and trapped in the jar. 

This cleaning pot accommodates both gravity feed and siphon feed airbrushes. The metal support keeps the bottle balanced and stops the cleaning pot from tipping over from the weight of the airbrush. The bottle is made from glass and the lid unscrews for easy cleaning. The filter is easy to remove to clean or replace. 

The airbrush cleaning pot comes with an additional filter and rubber grommet for the airbrush hole.

Water can also be used as your cleaning fluid, but is less effective than alcohol.

Note: Airbrush gun shown in the image is not included with the cleaning pot and is pictured for instructional purposes only.

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