Airbrush Parts - Large Cup for Airbrush Pen (Spare Part)


Another great accessory for the Spectrum Flow Airbrush kits. 

These 40cc cups are a great investment, as buying additional airbrush colouring cups means that you can switch from colour to colour quickly, without having to stop to wash up!

These large cups are able to contain a higher volume of airbrush colour paint than any other airbrush pen available on the market. In contrast, standard airbrush cups only hold, on average, around 3cc of airbrush paint.  Perfect for your large projects.

The cup features measurement aiding lines engraved onto the clear plastic, so that you can get your ratios just right time and again.

Please note:  This cup is designed to use with the Spectrum Flow airbrush pens and may not fit the pens from other brands.

Disclaimers: The cup screws on the top of your airbrush pen securely and has a removable lid that will stay secure, however the paint will leak if you attempt to angle your airbrush too far to one side or turn it upside down. As such, it is essential to keep your airbrush pen upright once you have filled the airbrush cup, as the tiny hole on the top of each cup & lid (designed to allow sufficient pressure for precision application) will leak your airbrush colour.

Storing your airbrush colour paint in the cup after you have finished using the pen is not advised, as this may leak and could make cleaning your cups difficult if left for a long period of time.

To avoid contamination of colours, we advise not to refill your cup unless it is with the same colour paint or same combination of paints that have been mixed in a separate pot. Whilst we highly recommend mixing your colours in a separate pot before filling your airbrush colour cup, it is possible to mix colours in the cup using a toothpick if you so choose to.

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