Aniseed Essence 20ml - Carolines Sugar Art


Our Aniseed Essence by Carolines Sugar Art is made from natural aniseed plant extracts and is free from sugar and alcohol.  

Aniseed is sweet and very aromatic, and the popular flavour ingredient evokes memories of vintage sweets or drinks.  Also known as Anise, the flavor and aroma of its seeds have similar flavours to licorice, fennel and star anise.  It is widely cultivated in Europe, Egypt and the Middle East and is used to flavor food, candies and alcoholic drinks, especially around the Mediterranean. 

Use in tea, tisanes, confectionary such as black jelly beans, aniseed balls, humbugs, pfeffernusse and muisjes, mexican hot chocolates, spiced cakes, icecream, donut glazes, licorice allsort icing and more.  Offer the flavours of ouzo and sambuca without using alcohol.


The oil based essence can also be used to flavour chocolate and candy melts.  

Comes in a 20ml glass bottle with a built in dropper for ease of use.  

Made using flavouring developed in a food labratory, as such these essences do not contain nut, gluten, dairy or fructose. Vegan friendly.  Unlike other essences, our Aniseed Essence uses medium chain triglycerides as the carrier rather than alcohol or sugar, making them suitable for Halal and diabetics.

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