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The Maxi 1% Bread Improver by The Healthy Baker complements the traditional bread making process.

Bread Improvers are a blend of ingredients that activate the gluten and help produce gas which assists and improves the processes of dough kneading and fermentation. They are particularly useful in grain mixes or breads that contain fruit, seeds or nuts to give strength and volume.

Our Maxi 1% Bread Improver can be used for all bread types including white, wholemeal and grain breads to improve the kneading and fermentation of dough and provide supreme volume and lift, improve texture and colour, whilst extending freshness. 

Use at a ratio of 1% Bread Improver to Flour (ie to 500g of flour add 5g of Bread Improver)

Made in Australia - 100% Australian Owned

Ingredients:  Emulsifier (481), Soy Flour, Flour Treatment Agents (516, 300, 920), Wheat Flour, Malt Flour, Enzyme (Amylase).

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