Bulk Solite Creaming Vegetable Shortening 15kg - Pre Order


Solite Vegetable Shortening is a premium quality 'creaming' shortening used for buttercreams and fudge icing. 

Use in replacement of regular butter in buttercream to create a whiter in colour, vegan mix.  You can make a compete 100% substitute for vegan buttercreams, or subsitute 50% of your butter for shortening for a whiter buttercream.

Solite Vegetable Shortening is the perfect shortening for use in Australia's hot climate when you need your buttercream swirls to remain firm in warm weather. Solite shortening is pure white which ensures that your colours (food dyes) stay true unlike when you add them to a buttercream that has the yellow colour of butter, particularly when trying to blend pastel tones.

Use this shortening as a direct replacement for USA's Crisco Shortening - Solite is proudly made in Australia.  Perfect for making buttercream as it keeps the buttercream white and its 'creaming' nature keeps it from tasting greasy.

Other fabulous uses for Solite shortening include:

  • As a 'glue' to affix fondant to polystyrene cake dummies for display and competition cakes. 
  • Use as a lubricant for gumpaste and fondant in modelling extruders.
  • Use as a moisturiser for either the gumpaste/fondant or your hands when working on modelling projects to keep your paste drying out too quickly and cracking.



Vegetable fats and oils, Emulsifiers (435, 471), Antioxidant (307B from soybean - 200mg / kg) and Flavours


15 kg bulk box - Bulky Order delivery surcharge applies

Pre-orders are generally fulfilled within 7-14 days 

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