Cake Decorators Rose Spirit 50ml

Cake Decorators Rose Spirit is an essential item that every cake decorator should have in their kit. 
  • Mix with petal dusts and lustre dusts to produce matt and metallic edible paints that dry fast 
  • Mix with gel paste food colours to create fast drying edible paints and watercolour paint effects
  • Mix with Edible Art Paint (by Sweet Sticks) to create watercolour effects. 
  • Brush onto fondant coverings or decorations to clean off cornflour and unwanted marks, including ganache stains, to ensure your finished product looks professional and precise
Cake Decorators Rose Spirit is a clear liquid containing 95% alcohol by volume and 1 % rose spirit.  

Cake Decorator's Rose Spirit performs far better than vodka, which is typically only 40% alcohol by volume, the remainder being water which can make your fondant and other sugar products sticky, and takes much longer to dry.
The ethanol is a potent antibacterial and virucidal agent, having sanitising and disinfecting properties, and can also be used in the production of home made hand sanitiser.

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