Cake Topper - Mum Wreath - Gold


Our Mum Wreath Cake Topper is the perfect addition to any cake celebrating mum!
Available in a gorgeous gold mirror.

Mum Wreath Cake Topper Dimensions:

12cm wide x 21.5cm high including a 10.5cm long spike.

Care and Usage
Your cake topper is precision cut from sturdy materials but the style you’ve chosen may mean that it is FRAGILE.
We recommend you always insert your topper into the cake by holding the spike. If your fondant covered cake has hardened somewhat then consider piercing the surface first before inserting the spike.
Wipe the spike clean before and after use. 

Our toppers make lovely keepsakes and can be used over and over for many years.

Designed and made in Australia by Sandra Dillon Design

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