Calligraphy Celebration Silho Mould


The Silho Mats are a Cake Lace Mat ideally suited to black lace mix to create a dramatic and sophisticated silhouette image for your cake. 

Calligraphy Celebration Silho Mould - by Silho Cake is easy to use and provides superb detail.  Easily create professional looking inscriptions including Love,  Happy Birthday, Dream, Life, Happily Ever After, Best Day Ever, Always & Forever, Congratulations.

Team up with the cake lace mix of your choice (black looks spectacular against a white/pastel cake, white looks fabulous against a black cake), bake in the oven then peel out your design pieces and attach to your cake with sugar glue or piping gel. 

Silho mats can also be used as a texture / impression mat.

Mat size: 395mm x 295mm.

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