Cherry Whole 35g - Fresh As


Fresh As Whole Cherries 35g

The Fresh As range of freeze dried fruit and fruit powders are ideal ingredients for baking and desserts to add intense flavour and textural garnish.

Fresh As source the highest quality fresh fruit from New Zealand and around the world, then freeze dry these products to produce intensely flavoured fruits and fruit powders.

The Cherries are part of their whole and sliced fruit range which add texture, flavour and vibrancy as a stand-out garnish to a variety of dishes.   

Crumble on top of your icecream, pannacottas, morning cereal and yoghurt combination, use as a finishing touch on your special occasion cakes, desserts and rocky road, dip in melted chocolate, bake within your Black Forest cake batters or nestled in amoungst your buttercream layers or quite simply eat straight from the packet as a healthy on-the-go snack. 

All Fresh As products are made from 100% natural fruit, with no added preservatives.  They are suitable for all dietary requirements and contain no allergens. 

Gluten free, nut free, egg free, dairy free - etc etc 

Ingredients:  Whole Raspberries

Made in New Zealand

The Fresh As range is packed with a 2 year shelf life and is presented in a convenient resealable zip lock foil pouch to lock in the freshness. Once opened, we recommend you store in the fridge.

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