Cocoa Butter: Cocol Cocoa Butter Colours - Cool Tones 5pk


Cocol Cocoa Butter Colouring is the ultimate product for adding colour to chocolate and is now available in an extra-strength formula so you don't need to add as much colour.

The Cool Tones set contains: White, Silver, Purple, Green and Blue

Made from coloured cocoa butter, this range of fabulous chocolate colourings is specially designed to add vibrancy to chocolate. Cocol colours are versatile and easy to use, making it simple to create handmade chocolates with a difference. Simply heat them gently in a microwave to melt the colours, then brush the Cocol over a chocolate mould or onto an acetate Sheet to create colourful designs that will transform your chocolate work.

Ideal for adding decorative colour to your chocolate work and for making your own transfer sheets, these colour sets contain five coordinating colours for beautiful chocolates.


We recommend a minimum nozzle size of 0.4mm on a good quality gravity-feed airbrush, such as our Spectrum Flow range of airbrushes.

Airbrushing with SK Cocol Cocoa Butter Colourings:

  1. Before using Cocol, make sure that the airbrush gun is warm. Leave the airbrush in a warm area for 30 minutes, but do not place in hot water.
  2. Follow the instructions on the bottle to melt the Cocol in a microwave.
  3. Attach the airbrush to the air compressor then warm the nozzle and gravity cup with a hairdryer or heat gun. Be careful not to heat the airbrush too much as it could become too hot to hold.  A temperature of 40-50C is ideal. 
  4. Place the warm, melted Cocol in the cup and start spraying. Heat the airbrush with a hairdryer or heat gun at regular intervals to keep it warm so the Cocol remains fluid and does not set in the airbrush.

How to clean your airbrush after using SK Cocol:

  1. As soon as you have finished using your airbrush, place hot, soapy water into the gravity cup. Spray the soapy water through the airbrush into a spare cloth/paper towel or an airbrush cleaning station.
  2. Continue to spray the hot, soapy water through the airbrush until the water comes out clean, then repeat with hot water only.
  3. Unscrew the needle, remove it slowly and wipe dry carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  4. Wipe inside the gravity cup then unscrew the other end. Clean and dry the cup with a lint-free soft cloth.
  5. Replace all pieces of the airbrush carefully, so as not to bend the needle. Make sure that the airbrush is fully clean and dry before storing away.
Cocoa Butter; titanium dioxide E171; potassium aluminium silicate E555; carmoisine E122; blue no 2 E132; quinoline yellow E104; brilliant blue E133

Allergy Advice:
Suitable for Vegetarians and 
Gluten Free - Suitable for Coeliacs

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