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Mondo Professional Culinary Blow Torch

An essential tool for preparing the classic crème brûlée, use with isomalt sugars, browning meringues, baked alaska & cheesecakes, working with ice sculptures or releasing cold desserts from moulds and cake rings.

The Mondo kitchen torch also has a variety of other uses in the kitchen. including melting cheese, browning steaks, peeling tomatoes & charring capsicums, crisping up fish, duck or chicken skin + more.  

The Mondo Culinary Blowtorch is a compact butane torch, with an easy ignition mechanism and adjustable flame. The blowtorch flame is adjustable and can be used at any angle without flaring or spluttering.  It features a durable die-cast aluminum design with an ergonomic handle and is lightweight and easy to hold.  

The culinary blow torch is easy to refill with butane gas. It also includes a removable stand and safety lock.  Holds 50ml of butane gas (not included).

 Professional Quality with a 2 Year Guarantee

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