Dark Compound Chocolate Melts 1.2kg - Nestle Kingston


Nestle Kingston 1.2kg Dark Compound Chocolate is a regal semi-dark chocolate that has an alluring blend of bitter and sweet with a savourable soft texture. An adaptable yet charismatic compound.  Does not need tempering.

Cocoa Solids 14%. Milk Solids 5%


Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Powder, Whey Powder, Emulsifiers [(Sorbitan Tristearate, 492 )(Soy Lecithin, 322)], Flavours, Salt


Contains: Milk, Soy
May Contain: Tree Nuts


Storage Instructions:

Solid: Dark compound should be stored below 20°C / 60%RH away from odours, infestation.

The plastic tub is recyclable and re-usable.  Our customers love the packaging as they get to re-purpose the large plastic jars for many pantry items.  

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