Dummy Cake Impaler 12 inch

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Dummy cakes are brilliant for competitions, display cakes for your bakery, or for increasing the size of your cake (and its wow factor) without increasing the serving sizes.  But whilst, the styrofoam dummy is a great tool to have at your disposal, it can be challenging to ice and decorate, as it is so much lighter than real cake. 

Enter the Impaler !!!  - the brilliant tool that will keep your cake dummy firm and stable and stop it from sliding around the bench or turntable whilst you undertake those decorating tasks.

Made from heavy Food Grade Stainless Steel for stability, it features three stainless  steel spikes which hold your cake dummies in place while you decorate.  Once you're done, the dummy lifts off the spikes and you're onto your next styro creation. 

Suitable for cake dummies 4 Inch to 12 Inch (can be used in larger cakes but they will extend beyond the impaler).

1. PUSH your dummy down onto the impaler's spikes

2. DECORATE your dummy as desired

3. LIFT your dummy up and off the impaler's spikes.

We recommend using a non-slip mat underneath the impaler (between it and your turntable or bench).  

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