Embosser - Script Lowercase Letter / Alphabet Stamp Set 14mm - CCC


Stamp any message you desire onto your cookies, fondant toppers etc with the fancy Script alphabet stamp kit in lowercase letters.

Each kit only comes with one of each letter so to make words with duplicate letters in a holder you will require extra sets.  These can also be used as individual letters to stamp one letter at a time or slide in to a small holder (not included, but available here ).

These have been designed with a curve top end so you can quickly identify what way up the letter is, and now have each letter engraved on the side in a basic font so no more wondering what each letter is!

Letters can be stamped up to 4mm in and on the back side the letter is shown the right way round in the exact location so it easy to read what each letter is.

See photos for detail - lower case ranges from 6mm - 20mm high, (the matching Upper Case set is14mm).

Parts are small, these are not a toy and should be kept away from children.

Sets are available on their own in lower case, upper case and numbers - please enquire.  The holder and block font set is available here. 


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