Everlasting Snow Powder - Dusting Sugar 250g


Create an enchanting dusting of snow on your gingerbread houses, brownies, cakes or cookies, without fear that it will dissolve or melt.  

Everlasting Snow Powder (or dusting sugar) is a specially formulated icing sugar that avoids moisture absorption which causes the icing sugar to melt or dissolve.  Each grain of sugar has been coated in oil to create a barrier to moisture and humidity.

Everlasting Snow Powder can be sifted onto brownies, lemon tarts, ganached cakes, buttercream cakes and any other baked sweets that you can think of and it doesnt get absorbed.  Dusting Icing Sugar can be used with stencils and rulers to create beautiful patterns and designs by sifting the sugar over the top of the stencil.  It looks and tastes great!



Dextrose, Maize Starch, Interesterified Palm Oil

Suitable for vegans, no added allergens.  Halal approve

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