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12.5kg Bulk Rye Flour - Lauke Mills

Milled from a blend of selected Rye varieties, suitable for traditional Rye and Pumpernickel breads.

Rye flour is milled from whole rye berries or grains from rye grass. It is most commonly used to produce rye and sourdough bread, providing a distinctive flavor and improved nutritional content compared to bread baked with wheat flour.  It’s a good source of soluble fibre, vitamin E, calcium, iron, and potassium, and has been linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, breast cancer and diabetes. Because rye is harder to refine than wheat, it retains more of its nutrients.

As rye flour is more nutritious than wheat flour, it is the preferred flour to feed a sour dough starter.

And its a healthy grain from an environmental viewpoint too.  Because it has deep roots, rye is able to capture nutrients, enhance soil health, prevent soil erosion, and reduce weeds on the farm without the use of herbicides.

Ingredients: Rye Flour  (contains gluten) 

About Lauke Flour Mills:

Friedrich Laucke established his first flour mill in the Barossa Valley in 1899.  Since then, four generations of the Laucke family have continued to produce quality flour and mixes and remain proudly 100% Australian owned and operated  The current generations of the Laucke family continue Friedrich's original promise of quality, service and integrity.

Laucke Flour Mills specialise in the supply of a wide range of sophisticated flour based food products to discerning customers in both Australia and overseas, producing a broad spectrum of speciality flours and mixes for the food industry. Each mill specialises in the milling of wheats and other grains such as Rye, Spelt and Triticale by a range of processes to create an extensive product range, where a special focus is placed on Certified Organic, Artisan flours, and home baking.

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