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Versatile and superior protein strength flour milled from a carefully selected blend of Australian hard wheats. Suitable for all types of bread and yeast baked goods such as breads, rolls, pizza bases, buns, dampers, bread sticks, focaccia etc.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Thiamine

Manildra - 100% Australian made and owned.

What’s the Difference Between Bakers Flour and All Purpose Flour?

  • Bakers flour has a higher protein content, which leads to more stability, form and rise in the dough, allowing it to lift and hold shape
  • All purpose flour has a lower protein content, resulting in lighter, shorter breads, which makes it an ideal flour for cookies, cakes and more
  • All purpose flour contains less gluten than bakers flour
  • The higher content of gluten in bakers flour makes it ideal for airy, chewy bread, rather than dense bread

Strong flour is the strongest flour with a very high gluten content (12%). This makes it perfect for making breads.  Since it has all that protein, it takes a lot of kneading to develop the gluten structure. The foolproof way of making sure that you have kneaded the dough enough, is to do the "windowpane test." If you can stretch a small ball of dough out until it is translucent without breaking it, you have developed enough gluten.  

*Bulky Goods Item - delivery to Canberra region only or $20+ delivery surcharge applies

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