Whisk - French Whisk 30cm

  • Professional grade whisk
  • Ideal for heavy mixtures, thick sauces, salad dressings, emulsions, custards, batter
  • The handle length increases for larger whisks
  • Handles sealed for complete hygiene
  • Heavy duty stainless steel

The French whisk, features 8 metal wires that tend to be straighter than those on the balloon whisk. French whisks are less bulbous and stiffer in composition too. The tapered bulb and thin profile mean it can also reach places a balloon whisk might not.

You would typically use a French whisk when you want to stir and smooth out sauces, especially if they are on the heavy side. Don’t try to use the French whisk for those dishes that require you to infuse air into them, like meringues. They do not act as quickly as the balloon whisk, so it’s simply not as effective for those purposes. Instead, use the French whisk for salad dressings, sauces, emulsions, custards, and batter. Their thick wires and thin frame make them the perfect tools for these dishes.

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