Large White Poly Dowels - 16 inch length


Dowels are an essential item when creating tiered cakes, including double barrel cakes. 

The large poly dowels are suited to be used as a central dowel to assist with the alignment of multi tiered cakes, as well as providing extra security during transport of assembled tiered cakes.  For added security of handling the heaviest of cakes above, fill the large dowels with 2-4 small dowels. 

  • Replaces old fashion wood dowels
  • Cut with secateurs/shears or strong blade.
  • For extra support insert 2-4 small dowels into the large dowel
  • Easy to see when disassembling cake
  • Hygienic and food safe
  • Can also be used for gumpaste flowers- drying tube and applique
  • 16 inches length.
  • Hollow design allows for cake crumb to fill internally rather than being pushed either side, avoiding blow outs on the side of your cakes.

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