Plunger Cutters - Mini Butterfly - Set of 3


These fabulous fondant and gumpaste cutters allow you to quckly cut small shapes out of fondant, gumpaste, modelling chocolate, marzipan etc, then easily releasing the paste with a quick press of the plunger.

Create gorgeous detailed miniature butterflies with the Mini Butterfly Plunger set in 3 different sizes

  • Small 13mm
  • Medium 15mm
  • Large 20mm

To use, roll your sugar paste thinly, then simply cut out the shape and press the plunger to imprint the detailed wing embossing. Lay your butterflies to dry in a V-shaped form (ie open book) with the wings slightly bent, to give "flight" to your butterflies.

PME Plungers are the manufactured with the highest quality materials.

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