Paint Brush - Set of 5 Assorted Sizes - PME

PME Nylon Craft Brushes - Set of 5 | Culpitt

A handy set of 5 assorted brushes suitable for sugarcraft tasks such as painting, dusting and gluing.

Each brush has a clear plastic handle fitted with a rubber grip which ensures ease of use.  The nylon brush heads are strong and long lasting.

Brushes include:

  • Fine round - for painting and adding very fine details.
  • Small round - a good general brush to have for various jobs such as adding glue etc.
  • Medium round - for any larger jobs and decorations such as brush embroidery.
  • Small flat (5mm) - a finer flat brush for smaller detail.
  • Large flat (12mm) - essential for dusting flowers and leaves, and all bigger jobs.

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