Persian Rose Syrup - 110ml


This gorgeous Persian Rose-flavoured syrup is ideal to drizzle over cake layers or pancakes, garnish desserts or to create stunning beverages and cocktails.  It not only adds a lovely aroma, but it actually adds a subtle floral flavor as well.

It is also known as rose water syrup, sharbat syrup or falooda syrup.

- Made from quality, natural ingredients

- Preservative and additive free



  • Rose syrup is perfect for cocktails and non alcoholic drinks. Just replace the sugar syrup with this rose syrup.
  • This is the best homemade rose syrup to make falooda (rose syrup milkshake). The Sri Lankan Falooda (or Sri Lankan Faluda), an addictive milkshake that’s very popular in Sri Lanka and India and other parts of South Asia. It’s like a cross between a milkshake and an ice cream sundae, where this vanilla rose syrup is mixed with milk, ice cream, jello, basil seeds and vermicelli.
  • Use this rose syrup to sweeten lemonade for a refreshing rose lemonade!
  • Sweeten your teas and lattes 
  • It’s a great base for mimosas or bellinis, for those girls’ weekend brunches and celebrations!
  • Drizzle this over pancakes or crepes for an excellent brunch or dessert.
  • Soak cake layers with this rose water syrup for delicious rose flavored cakelets.

So go ahead and elevate your drinks and desserts and snacks with this versatile, gorgeous rose syrup !  And for a taste of summer, use this rose water syrup to make some exotic lemonades and milkshakes! 

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