Professional Heavy Duty Cake Turntable - Silver

This professional, heavy duty, cake decorating turntable is the Rolls Royce of turntables.  

Use the revolving cake decorating stand for easier and more professional cake decorating results - a 'must have' piece of equipment for creating round cakes to perfection.  The commercial quality stand resolves the cake, so you can easily apply icing, scatter on toppings or use an icing bag to pipe on decorative designs.  

The stainless steel ball bearings offer a an extremely smooth and steady rotation, resulting in better decorating results.  Effortlessly rotates a full 360 degrees over and over again.  The robust and weighty stand ensures stability, and can hold and rotate the heaviest of cakes without strain and elaborate, multi-tiered cakes without wobbling.  The non slip base eliminates any unwanted sliding on counter tops.

A beautiful design that can double as a cake pedestal to display your finished cake upon.

Measurements:  Turntable - 30cm / 12inch
Width at base - 17.5cm
Height - 13.5cm
Stainless steel construction.

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