Rattan Proofing Basket Oval 500g 20x14cm


Our Oval Rattan Bread Proofing Basket measures 20x14cm and suitable for 500g size loaves.

Rattan proofing baskets are popular in artisan baking to give a rustic and traditional feel. The basket is used to support and shape the dough while it rises and imprint its shape into the bread.

  • Hand made genuine rattan
  • Do not use for baking
  • Do not soak
  • To clean: knock/brush excess flour out

Team up with our Cotton Liners.

Many bakers swear by rattan proofing baskets, which just need to be “knocked” or “tapped” before storage, ready for the next use. The dough releases easily from rattan and plastic.  

Genuine rattan - beware of cheap baskets sold by other stores, as these are often bamboo imitations which break easily.

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